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01 / BRICK

The Sure Electronics Brick Series combines a high performance Class-D amplifier available in eighteen modules delivering from 300W to 2000W of high-quality audio output power with wide power range. They are in strict accordance with industrial amplifier standard, creating a compact (only 3.9 x 3.9 inches PCB size), indurative amplifier solution in an ultra compact and lightweight package.
All Brick modules are based on Class-T (a branch from Tripath Class-D) modulator, and provide very warm and powerful sound. Sure Electronics always chooses IRF (now Infineon), Infineon, and other world grade MOSFET suppliers, we use only Nippon Chemi Corpration electron capacitors, original SAGAMI inductors in this series and all other components from original manufacturers or authorized distributors only.*

Thanks for Audio Signal Detection and Single Ended/ Differential signal configurable technologies which provide a convenient way to integrate Brick into systems. Not only for industrial integration, Sure Electronics also provides interface boards which are convenient with retail customers.

*Sure Electronics confirms Nippon Chemi Corpration electron capacitors and original SAGAMI inductors are used in Brick series. Other series product materials are selected according to actual situation.

  •   Single Ended/ Differential Signal Configurable
  •   Audio Signal Detection
  •   Reverse Connect Protection
  •   Gain Configurable

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  •   Undervoltage and Undercurrent Protection
  •   Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection
  •   Double Thermal Protection
  •   Interface Boards Compatible
02 / T-AMP

Designed to meet the needs of highly demanding professional audio applications, the T-AMP series emphasized high reliability when developed. All audio amplifier boards have been pre-tested with CE and FCC regulations for EMC and safety standard which will help the whole system to be complied with certifications more easily. Full protections on board like undervoltage, undercurrent, overvoltage and overcurrent protections make the whole system more safe and durable. Reverse connect protection on board will save huge maintenance costs and time for system integrated customers. Temperature control fan with a high quality customized heatsink provides reliable double thermal protection.

High Sound Quality

Sure Electronics build this product series for high quality sound. This product series is driven by Class-T (a branch from Tripath Class-D) modulator, and provides very warm and powerful sound. We are not going to waste words in what Tripath chips can provide. There are too many such articles. We are just                            sure that we are the most skilled designers for Tripath chips. Original and most                            powerful integrated power stage STA516BE from ST Micro, which is the direct                            cousin from Tripath TP2050, just more powerful, is used in our integrated                            solutions. We fine select very low RDSon MOSFETs and they must be audio                            suitable in our test, extremely fast recovery diodes, in our discrete power                            stage. That makes our auido amplifer boards able to provide best high sound                            quality for listening, not only in datasheet.

Single (Asymetric) Power Supply

This product series requires single supply ONLY. You don't have to use transformers. Only one switching power supply unit is enough and we even do not need any auxialiary power supply. That will greatly reduce the installation time and the system design is never complex. Sure Electronics also provides a                            Farad Capacitor solution, which can ensure customer use 350Watts - 600Watts                            Power Supply Unit to drive 1kW rated audio load. Contact us for details if you                            are designers for subwoofers, it will reduce your cost greatly, not by using a fake                            power marking trick.

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03 / TAS5630B

Just one look at the power input terminals and you will know that this amplifier board means business! A Class-D Texas Instruments TAS5630 with PurePath™ HD enabled integrated feedback is used to deliver 300W to two channels, effortlessly and efficiently. This amplifier board works amazingly well with both low sensitivity speakers and subwoofers.

A robust heatsink, two-stage cooling fan, as well as protection circuits to protect against over/under voltage, over current, short circuit, and over temperature conditions are built-in for years of enjoyment. Four fixed gain settings allow you to match the amplifier to your source, and use your source as the volume control. A 25 to 50 VDC power supply is required (sold separately).

  •   Class-D Texas Instruments TAS5630 with PurePath™ HD enabled integrated feedback
  •   Robust heatsink with two-stage cooling fan
  •   Pre-drilled mounting holes
  •   Over/under voltage, over current, short circuit, and over temperature protection circuits
  •   Click and pop noise reduction
  •   Phoenix-type speaker terminals
  •   Two line-level RCA inputs
  •   Large screw-down power input terminals

    *Introduced here is 2x300W TAS5630 Class-D Amplifier Board (AA-AB32191).

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04 / IR2092

This Class-D amplifier board uses an Internal Rectifier IRS2092 amplifier controller IC, six IRFB4227 HEXFET® power MOSFETs, and two ST Electronics STTH1602C high frequency, ultra-fast diode ICs to deliver amazing amounts of clean output—up to 2,500 watts x 1—into a 2-ohm load.
Two 60 to 94 VDC high-voltage power supplies are required for operation; each power supply dedicates its full output potential to a single rail for maximum output. This results in increased high-fidelity output, high dynamic range, low distortion, and a wide 20 to 22,000 Hz frequency response.
This amplifier board also includes a myriad of protection features: over current, over/under voltage, DC output, and temperature protection circuits are built-in. A rather small footprint lends itself for use in space limited applications.

Real Strength for Any Applications

In Sure Electronics, that is real 1kW when it is declared as 1kW; that is continous playing back for 1kW audio signal; that is continous power for drive 1kW resistor dummy load; that is continous power for drive 2550Watts air conditioner in parrallel! That is different, different from those weak amplifiers with only coin size                            heatsink, different from those amplifiers without good layout and traces thin as                            hair, different from those amplifiers without any high quality components. How                            could they achieve the rated power they declared? So try Sure Electronics                            amplifiers and feel what true RMS power means.

Great Components from Great Suppliers

We always use IRF(now Infineon), Infineon, and other world grade MOSFET suppliers. We use only Nippon Chemi Corporation electron capacitors, original SAGAMI inductors in this series and all other components from original manufactuers or authorized distributors only. We can always provide commecial                            invoices from our suppliers - only original or authorized.

*Introduced here is 1x2500W Class D IRS2092 Amplifier Board (AA-AB31491).

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Who Are We?

Sure Electronics is a professional audio amplifier supplier that provides electronics hobbyists and business partners the middleware which can help reduce customers‘ development difficulties and save their precious time-to-market by making the products directly released in the market. The worldwide trade in audio amplifier and other relative fields is the main business of Sure Electronics. Sure Electronics, an Original Manufacturer of audio amplifier, is active in HiFi, industry audio, DIY Audio Hardware and Audiophile Accessories. We provide OEM, ODM businesses in various categories to customers according to their requirements.

Why do you choose Sure Electronics?

Throughout Sure Electronics you will find over 50 people who love audio, take it very seriously and consider themselves fortunate to have a career in such an enjoyable field. Attracted by the same goal, youthful people with professional skills and sustained passions stick together and unite as one. True ‘audio nuts’ and ‘musical elements’ can be found around every corner of Sure Electronics’ facilities in Nanjing, China.

Rich Experience

Sure Electronics provides a wide range of audio amplifiers, and has rich experience in kiosk amplifiers, especially in Game Machines, Vender Machines, Simulation Toys, and Industrial Computers. We also provide a total solution for Recreational Vehicles. We have over 20 customers in those markets and we are able to understand customers' requirements smoothly.

Industrial Quality

Endurance and stable is the main emphases in our designs. Although not all audio applications need fully RMS power output all the time, Sure Electronics makes our designs with this standard. We always believe that if a design could work well under fully output, for sure it is much more stable than those could not. Industrial is not equal to consumer electronics, we must think more to avoid over load. So the maintainance cost will be saved much if customers choose us.


Many highly professional suppliers, with whom we have excellent working relationships, are carefully selected according to several aspects such as quality, production, supply abilities, services and cost. With an increasing comprehensive purchasing management system, we are able to purchase productions more timely and economically, which helps us to provide the best service.

Prompt Delivery

Sure Electronics has been working on integrating supplier resources and establishing a perfect logistics system to ensure timely delivery. With an increasingly perfect inventory management system, we guarantee standard products in stock, as well as buffer stocks for high-grade customers. All of these help us to prevent our products out of stock and to achieve prompt delivery. 

Quick Design

With rich experience in design, development and application of audio products, we do have the ability to complete designs quickly and efficiently. On the basis of semi- finished products and prototypes in stable and reliable design, Sure Electronics can provide customers with rapid designs and professional solutions to meet their requirements. All products meet standards of safety production, quality inspection and a variety of certificates can be provided as required.

Prompt Turn

Low MOQ, reasonable price, fast delivery, etc. are characteristics of our prompt turn production. We have an entire small-batch production process with rich experience. On the basis of timely production, we carry out perfect test service to guarantee product quality.

Technical Support

With a high-performing team to offer professional technical support and great customer service, we can arrange timely and efficient product tests as well as satisfied services for you. Our customer service staff can promptly respond to your emails and provide one-on-one online service to solve relative problems. All related documents can be obtained to help you know better about our products.

Back Order

With an increasingly perfect logistics storage system, we are able to provide customers with faster and safer warehousing and freight management service. We also accept your commission to manage or deliver your goods in mainland china, which effectively helps to reduce your logistics cost, to achieve your rapid sale, and at the same time, to expand your overseas market.